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Hose burst protection valves (HBPV) also known as lowering control device, load hold valves, hose rupture valves, craning valves, anti-drop valves, circuit installations and testing are required to meet the current Australian Standards 1418.8 (AS) ISO8643 2017.

The general requirements of AS1418.8 relate to all forms of earthmoving equipment, including backhoes, front-end loaders, excavators, tool carriers and similar units that are used for lifting freely suspended loads as secondary function associated with the normal application of the equipment. Stating that ‘earthmoving equipment’ that is used to lift freely suspended load that have a rated capacity at maximum/reach greater that 1000Kg shall be fitted with a controlled lowering device (HBPV) on the load holding cylinders.” The controlled lowering device (HBPV) once fitted shall meet the requirements of ISO8643, to protect against hose failure.

It is the installers responsibility to ensure the (HBPV) circuit complies with the AS1418.8 and has successfully completed a hose burst simulation test in accordance with ISO8643. AS1418.8 also states that it is the ultimate responsibility of the machine owner to maintain and conduct annual hose burst simulation testing of the HBPV circuit to ISO8643.

The ISO8643 test contains several procedures that need to be carried out in a controlled environment due to the dangerous uncontrolled movement of the machine if one of the tests were to fail. Each test needs to be video recorded and documented to comply with the current standard.

All our hose burst protection kits which have been installed in Australia are commissioned and have undergone a simulated hose burst test in accordance with the latest ISO 8643 standard, compliance tagging, and service warning sticker placed on the machine.

If the test is not carried out the system will not be compliant with Australian standards. Hama Hydraulics currently offer this simulated hose burst test onsite throughout Australia.

Our experienced technicians are traveling Australia wide with our mobile hose burst simulation test units to perform annual compliance testing and tagging.

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